Welcome to the Pragliola world. A world of more than 50 years of passion and experience in the marble, stones and granites processing.


Way back in 1964, Feliciano Pragliola founded his company based on the main principles of the quality, aesthetics and innovation. And it is what his sons Francesco and Domenico continue to do even today: since 1991, when they assume the management of the company, renaming it EdilMarmi. Francesco carefully deals with the management of the laboratory and everything about construction sector. Domenico, however, is the expert in the technical part of the work. Thanks to a careful study of the raw material, search for innovation and a solid work, the company has grown over the years, becoming a leader in the sector and a reference point today, both in Italy and foreign. 


Since 2000 to today, in fact, the Pragliola brothers have strongly believed in the importance of keeping up with times, investing in high technology that has allowed to put the design and value of innovation at the service of the quality of raw material. Today, the company that proudly bring the name of Pragliola, has joined of the world of marble and stone processing in a completely innovative way: giving a new life and a new soul to the marble. How? Through a sophisticated design studio that enhances the beauty of this beautiful material and preserves its characteristics over time.

Francesco Pragliola
Francesco Pragliola

CEO & Product Manager

Domenico Pragliola
Domenico Pragliola

CEO & Project Manager


Edil Marmi Pragliola S.r.l.
Via Ripuaria, 21 – 80014 | Giugliano in Campania (Na)
T 081 839 2656 / M +39 348 674 9107
P.IVA 01534261217 | C.F. 06396750637

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